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When something is wrong in the suspension, you can usually tell right away. If components are loose or broken you will often hear a clunking sound when your vehicle goes over bumps. In extreme cases your car will even lean more than it should on curves. This can be very dangerous, especially at high speed.

It’s good to remember that the suspension systems on newer cars are much more complex than in older cars. Your suspension system allows the wheels to move freely under your vehicle and absorbs the dynamic impact from running over small obstacles and rough roads. It’s what lets you ride over bumps without hurting you or your car. Your suspension also keeps your vehicle on the road, over hills and around corners, and keeps your tires on the pavement for traction when stopping, starting and cornering.

There are many parts to the suspension of your vehicle and we’ll check them all. Here are the most common problems:

These components require precision alignment to maintain proper steering control, tire wear and performance.