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Oil Changes

They’re messy and smelly, and everybody from your local car dealership to the kid down the street is doing them now. A lot of shops will lose money offering a really cheap oil-change so they can get customers to come in. That way they can find all the other things wrong with your car and sell you the service of fixing them.

What’s Different at Gerry’s?

Every time we do an Oil Change we do a 30-point Courtesy Check of the condition of your car. Every point is important to your car and some are work that WE DON’T DO. We give you the Report so you can plan your auto service whenever and wherever you want to. We’ll be glad to help with whatever we can, but we may need to schedule another appointment to get it done. This is our way of making sure that you’re always driving the safest vehicle we can.

We may not be the least expensive but you won’t have to worry that something got missed in the process. We think this is the best, most responsible, service we can provide. Our customers seem to agree.

See what our customers say about our service!

Gerry’s Tire & Alignment 30-Point Courtesy Check

  1. Tire Condition Front Left and Right
  2. Tire Condition Rear Left and Right
  3. Alignment (2 and 4 wheel)
  4. Steering/Suspension Components
  5. Rack & Pinion, Pump, Hoses, & Fluid
  6. Front Brake Linings
  7. Rear Brake Linings
  8. Brake Hydraulic System & Fluid
  9. Emergency Brake Adjustment
  10. Axle Shafts & Boots/U-Joints
  11. Condition of Front Struts/Shocks
  12. Condition of Rear Struts/Shocks
  13. Condition of Muffler
  14. Condition of Exhaust Pipes & Hangers
  15. Engine or Transmission Leaks
  16. Condition of Rear Diff. Fluid or Leaks
  17. Condition of Access/Drive Belts & Adj.
  18. Condition of Trans. Fluid
  19. Condition of Coolant Sample
  20. Condition of Radiator & Hoses
  21. Condition of Heater Hoses
  22. Condition of Battery & Terminals
  23. Condition of Battery Cables
  24. Condition of Tune Up Components
  25. Condition of Filters (air, fuel & pcv)
  26. Condition of Engine Oil
  27. Headlights & Adjustment
  28. Lights (brake, tail, turn signals, etc.)
  29. Condition of Wiper Blades
  30. Factory Scheduled Maintenance