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New Tires

Michelin, Goodyear, Uniroyal, BF Goodrich?

Whatever kind of new tire you want, the biggest reason to buy them from Gerry’s is our service. We keep a lot of tires in stock and if you have a particular tire in mind, just call ahead. We’ll also help you decide which tires are best for your vehicle.

Only the Service you need

Some shops will try to sell you new wheels if there is any sort of vibration after the new tires are on. The truth is that in almost all cases, if you didn’t have a vibration before coming into the shop, and if a wheel is in good condition, there’s nothing wrong with your wheel.

WARNING: Some tire shops will try to sell you rims as well. Before you pay more money, get a second opinion!

Free Rotation

We recommend rotating tires (changing their position on the car) every 5000 miles to get the best performance and tire life. That’s why every tire purchased at Gerry’s gets free rotation for the entire life of the tire. The average rotation charge at other shops can be around $20.00. If your tires last 40,000 miles, you’ll save $160.00! That’s a service that you can’t buy online.

Professional Installation

Our certified auto-techs will install your tire, making sure that your wheel is clean and smooth where it meets the tire bead so it doesn’t develop a rim leak. At our shop, balancing is done twice. First when the tire is put on the wheel and then again, after the wheel weights have been added to make sure you get a smooth ride for many miles to come.

With free flat tire repair available, and a vibration free ride, the real question is why wouldn’t you buy your tires from Gerry’s Tire?