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High-Speed Balancing

Tires should be rebalanced every 15,000 to 20,000 miles because as you drive your tires wear; the tire loses rubber and becomes lighter in some spots. If the wheel weights remain in their original position you will begin to feel this imbalance at higher speeds.

Tire balancing is often confused with wheel alignment. If you only feel shaking or vibration at higher speeds (50 70 mph) your tires are likely out of balance. Your tires will show scalloped or erratic wear patters and you will feel vibration in the steering wheel, seat or floorboards at these speeds.

High-speed balancing (each tire is spun at high rpm and measured) ensures your vehicle’s ride is smooth and steady at highway speeds. Lead weights are applied to the wheel to achieve a perfect tire-wheel balance at any speed.

What’s different at Gerry’s?

At Gerry’s, we take the time to balance your wheels accurately and correctly every time. We always take care to spin your tires a second time after balancing to ensure that they’re perfect—and that means a perfect ride for you!