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Front-End Work

Having every part of your vehicle’s front-end working properly and is in good condition is very important. You need to be able to trust your mechanic. Even if the parts are brand new, your ride, comfort and security may suffer if the linkage mechanism isn’t properly aligned. For example, if the “toe-in” on your vehicle is off by just an eighth of an inch, it’s like dragging your tires 22 feet sideways for every mile that you drive. Your tires won’t last as long and damaged tires can be dangerous.

Most auto repair shops focus on engine or transmission work. In fact, many automotive technicians seem to think they can get away with installing new front-end parts without fully aligning the wheels. Getting your front end work done at a shop like that is a little like getting your apendix removed by a dentist! The fact is that it’s very important to do an alignment after ANY kind of suspension or front end work.

What’s different at Gerry’s?

WE KNOW FRONT ENDS! Gerry’s Tire and Alignment has specialized in front-end work for over 39 years. We’ve done this not by selling you a lot of parts you don’t need but by fixing the ones that you do and then aligning them correctly. You want your car to be safe and drive like it was meant to. So do we. We’ll even do an alignment after someone elses work.

The biggest reason to come to Gerry’s is that we want to earn your trust so your car will be safe and drive well. Just give us a call and set up a time when you can bring your car in, 734-429-7370. We’ll make your car drives like it’s supposed to.