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You know when your exhaust system needs work because you can hear or smell it. Roaring or rattling means that something is broken. Smelling exhaust inside the car means you need to FIX IT NOW for your own safety! You don't ever want to breathe exhaust fumes!

What’s different at Gerry’s?

If you have a problem in one part of an otherwise good exhaust pipe, we can cut out the bad section and replace just that piece. It’s a lot cheaper than taking out the whole unit and replacing it all.

Sometimes when hangers break you hear a banging underneath the vehicle or you see something hanging down (never a good sign). Most of these repairs are far less expensive if caught early.

That’s why at Gerry’s Tire your under-car gets checked on every visit. We like finding things out early before they become bigger problems.

For more about Exhaust System work at Gerry's Tire see:

What is the Exhaust System?

Most of the system is metal piping to handle the very hot exhaust gasses that come out of your engine. These pipes are specially shaped to fit underneath the car body. The muffler is a specially designed canister that forces the exhaust through a series of baffles and dampers to reduce and eliminate noise.

Your car’s exhaust system is important both because it keeps engine gasses from getting in your car and it converts pollutants into less dangerous chemicals before they get into the air. Of course it also quiets the combustion noise coming out of your engine.

All modern exhaust systems carefully control the heat and pressure of the exhaust to optimize fuel consumption and engine performance. They also have a Catalytic Converter that superheats dangerous exhaust pollutants to convert them into carbon dioxide and water.

Failure of an exhaust system is more than just noisy. It can hurt your gas mileage and pollute the atmosphere.

Newer systems last a lot longer than they used to because manufacturers use a much higher quality of pipe, and with catalytic converters they run a lot hotter which burns the moisture out in the pipes so it doesn’t rust from the inside out. They do eventually wear out and so do the hangers and brackets that hold the system in place under your car.