Gerry's Tire and Alignment
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Our customers are talking!

“As a local builder, I like to do business in Saline as much as possible. Gerry’s Tire is a perfect example of why. They provide a quality product at a fair price with outstanding customer service you just can’t get anywhere else. That is why we have been a customer for over 20 years and hope to continue for any more.”

— Bill Bell of Bill Bell Construction

“I moved to this area in 1976. Tried various other shops, nobody performed with the consistent quality of work as Gerry’s. All work performed was by friendly and knowledgeable technicians who have consistently upgraded their skills to meet today’s challenging demands. Gerry’s have worked on my everyday driver to my street rods with what seems my satisfaction their goal.”

— Wayne Misko

“One of the many benefits of living in Saline for 30 years is developing relationships with people who are willing to give of themselves even when it’s inconvenient. One of those people is Gerry Feeman of Gerry’s Tire and alignment. Last Friday evening, Perry and I were driving through rush hour traffic in Chicago when we got a call from out youngest daughter, Shannon. She’d had a flat tire in Ann Arbor. Her boyfriend was at work until late that night and she was scheduled to pick up friends from the airport without time to wait for normal roadside assistance. Her vehicle is too heavy for her to change the tire herself. At our wits’ end we called Gerry at his shop. Although he was already closed for the weekend, and and a personal engagement in 30 minutes, Gerry cheerfully made a few phone calls, got directions, packed up his tools and rescued our daughter in 20 minutes. And this is isn’t the first time that he’s come to our family’s rescue through the years. It is said that a friend will stick with you even when the going gets tough. If that’s true, the City of Saline has a true friend in Gerry Feeman. Thank you Gerry, for your kindness.”

— Perry, Denise & Shannon Kantner
Saline, Michigan

“I want to express my thanks to your entire team for the excellent service work you have provided over the past few years ó including front end repairs, brakes, tires, and more. I could not have achieved a quarter million miles without your help! (September 11th, 2008) ”

— Pat Gillay

“You may recall that it was two years ago (Sept. 11th, 2008) when my mileage reached 250,000. I thought that was remarkable. Now, I am very happy to announce that my 2001 F150 reached 300,000 miles on October 1st, 2010! Once again I want to express my thanks to your entire team for the excellent service work you have provided for me over the past few years. I never expected to make 300,000 miles. Thatís equivalent of 12 trips around the world! Thanks again for helping to keep my truck on the road by your great work on front end repairs, brakes, tires, and oil changes.”

— Pat Gillay