Gerry's Tire and Alignment
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Complete Tire Service

We’ll repair any tire that can be safely put back on the road. (A tire that is damaged on the sidewalls is probably ruined. Bring it in and we’ll take a look.)

We DO NOT plug tires. We apply a permanent patch so you get the full life of your tire. Did you know that aluminum wheels often corrode where the wheel touches the tire? Before we put on a tire we’ll sand your wheel and prime it for a smooth surface so you won't have a rim leak.

If you need them, we can also get you gently-used replacement rims or wheels that are a whole lot cheaper than brand new! And we replace valve-stems if they are old and can’t hold pressure.

We’ll also rebalance your tires when they need it (we recommend rebalancing tires every 15 to 20,000 miles because as they wear down they change shape), and we’ll rotate tires that you buy from Gerry's Tire for free for the life of the tire!